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Cairns Kayaking
Cairns Kayaking
The North Johnstone (lower section)
QClass: Grade III+ VI

Level: The water needs to be between 1.5m and 2 meters on the Nerada river gauge, (tonge oil gauge always reads a bit higher, however due to being much further down the river then you will paddle, it can give false readings for the upper sections so try and use Nerada gauge)

Gauge: BOM river hieghts

Length: Long

Time: This is a long one day trip for the lower section, and i more comfortably done over a period of two days.

Take out: Their is a large sign at the bottom of the river stating - The End. This is were the rafters walk out from, however it is best to do this river in the company of a local who knows the river well. The walk out is around 2hrs up a steep walking track.
to Crawfords look out, which is on the Palmerstone Highway. Leave a shuttle car here.
Put in: Private property, you must ask a local paddler and contact the owners for permission to access the land.

uick Guide
Note - This river should not be run without talking to a local paddler who knows the river well, or even better, without the local paddler coming along to show you the put in, get out, and sieves to avoid along the way.

The lower section of the NJ is a classic North Qld river. It has many challanging grade IV-V rapids along the length of the river, with continual grade III read and run rapids in between, be wary of some river wide seives in your travels though. The river cuts through some spectacular gorge, with amazing rock formations, cliff faces and waterfalls to veiw and photograph. The river requires a long 2 hour walk in through a thick, poorly maintain jungle track, and anther steep 2 hour walk out after around 10 + hours on the river. This river is extremely isolated and requires expert skills, fitness, and river running knowledge. It should only ever be paddled in groups with no less then 4 paddlers, and some spare food, epirb, and overnight supplies are highly recomended for this trip. Although this river is a mission to access and paddle, it is well worth the hassel.

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