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The Mulgrave River
Quick Guide

Class: Grade II to III[in bigger flows]

Level: Runnable at any level, though when the water is nearly over "Fisheries bridge it is at its best and pushing into Grade III due to the volume

Gauge: BOM River gauge or Check level at Fisheries Bridge.

Length: 11km

Time: 3 to 4 hours.

Put in: Above the Camp grounds.

Take out: Fisheries Bridge

Character: Wide featureless river. Wave trains

Notes: You can paddle further down from Fisheries Bridge but there are very few rapids and you would need to paddle all the way to Pete's Bridge to take out.

If the Fisheries bridge is nearly under and it is still raining, think about getting your put in car out later if the bridge goes under!!!
It could be there for weeks!!!

Camping is available at the camp grounds near the put in. Park info is @ QPWS
The Mulgrave River flows all year round. It is fed from the valley that forms behind Mt Bellendon Ker Range and runs through Gordonvale before it heads South East to join the Russell River where the two form an inlet to the sea. Paddling any where below the Bruce Highway Bridge is tidal and home to many salt water Crocs.
The part of the river to paddle is high up in the Goldsborough Valley. It is a wide, mainly featureless river and small boulder rapids. If the water is up to the Fisheries bridge, the river can have some great wave chains and some of the rapids may be getting up toward
grade III.
Be carefull at high levels as the river is at flood stage and is flowing through the trees in most places.
Take out: Drive South of Cairns approx 35km's to Gordonvale, then turn right at the traffic lights and head up the road looking for the turn off marked "Goldsborough Valley". see image below

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Cross Pete's Bridge and follow an undulating, winding road until you come to a low concrete bridge about 50m long. Leave a vehicle somewhere here.
Put in: Continuing up the valley, you will re cross the river via another bridge, then onto an unsealed road which takes you up over a short range and down into a camping area. Drive as far upstream as possible that has a good river access and park adjacent to the river.

There is a dirt road that continues, that is walking only. it takes you up another 9km's to a causeway that crosses the river again. If you wanted to add to your trip. the rapids here are also only Grade II to III.

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