Cairns Kayaking
Cairns Kayaking
Cairns Kayaking
Cochable Creek
Quick Guide

Class: Grade III-III+

Level: Runnable after rain

Gauge: Visual

Length: 1km

Time: 1 hour.

Put in: Turn off the Tully Gorge Road before crossing the Bridge. Drive along the dirt road to the gate. Walk 100m to causeway.

Take out: Camp grounds at Tully take out.

Character: Narrow boulder garden

Notes: Best after rain on the Table lands.
This is a sweet creek to run when its up. We usually run it if we are down on the Tully and we see the level is up. You can see how much water is flowing from the confluence into the Tully River. This is about 300m upstream from the take out on the Tully.
You need to be there soon after the rain as it falls away fast.

It is mainly boulder garden type creeking with a huge rock slide about 1/2 way along. You will see the horizon line from the pool above. Eddy out in the middle of the river and scout the shutes going river right.
Toward the end, the creek splits and usually the right braid has more water through it.

Alway be on the lookout for trees in the river.

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