Cairns Kayaking
Cairns Kayaking
Cairns Kayaking

A guide to using the River pages

Each River page is made up of a number of sections. The 1st is a quick visual guide using cartoons. Under that is a Brief description of the river. At the top of the Quick Guide, there could be a Google Image link. Click this to navigate to a page with Google Earth and Google Street View images that will help find turn offs to take outs and put ins as well as images of the river with some rapids marked as well. Also there will be a link to the BOM river gauge site and other usefull info.
The large area to the right is the main written description with more detailed information pertaining to that river and any hazards that may exist and some tips on gettin there and running the river safely. Then at the bottom may be some photos and or videos of that river.
Camping is available near the river, or if the river is an overnight trip
This means the river contains 1 or more grade 4 rapids
This indicates you will need, or may want to use a helicopter to access this river
Please read carefully

  • The information on this web site is put together by local paddlers and should only be used as a guide to get to rivers and what to expect when you get there.
  • You should allways paddle within your ability and scout or portage any rapids or sections you are unfamiliar with.
  • White water kayaking is a dangerous sport and may result in injury or death.
  • All safety equipment should be worn and or carried at all times and is the responsibility of each individual or group to do so.
  • As weather conditions may affect river heights, paddlers should rely on their own safety procedures and judgement to run rapids according to their ability and never paddle rapids that are above your ability and never paddle alone.
  • Cairns Kayaking has not setout to, nor is it our intention to give a guide to running the rivers listed below, and therefore do not accept any responsibility for any person or person's actions or injuries resulting from any nformation written or implied on this web site.
  • Further more, some river's access may be on private property or in a National park. Therefore, be sure to check for any permits or permissions that may be required before setting out.
  • Use the links below to navigate to a river, and in doing so you acknowledge that you have read the disclaimer and agree to its content
  • The Mulgrave River
  • Barron River at Lake Placid
  • Freshwater Creek Crystal Cascades
  • The Russell River
  • Mossman Gorge
  • Pugh Creek
  • Tinnaroo Fall [Upper Barron River]
  • Cochable Creek
  • Tully River
  • Josephine Falls
  • Lower NJ
  • Behana Gorge
  • The Upper Walsh River
    Cooperoo Creek
    Upper Beatrice
    Broadwater Creek

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