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Wet Season Wake up 2010
Thirty One keen boaters rocked up to the Barron gorge on Saturday morning with a colourful array of plastic strapped to the roof of their cars ready to get wet and see who the fastest paddler in Far North Queensland was. There where competitors from Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, NSW and VIC, and they were all keen to take out first place in the first annual wet season wake up.
With a slight change to plans first thing in the morning, the Canoe polo was cut and the water was turned on early leaving us more time to get some good hard boater cross racing in.
The day started off with the advanced boater cross competitors taking to the water. As the heats made their way down the river the hot favourites made their selves known, progressing through round after round. Self proclaimed hot favourite Dominic Bannerman and young gun Riley Best where looking like they were on their way to the finals from the first race, when they both got stuck in a hole at the top of the maze during round 3, the sneaky southerner Mick low and French ambassador Christian Botella where able to leisurely sneak on past them, making the top 6, leaving Dom speechless for the first time that day. Old school paddler Jonny G also came from nowhere to sneak on through into the top 6 semi finals.
With the day heating up the semi finals consisted of 6 boaters racing for 4 positions. With some hard racing and close finishes during the semi's, the finals would turn out to be a grudge match between young and old with three of the paddlers being over 40yrs and only one in his 20's.
After a fast start the final four boaters gave it everything they had left, with nobody breaking free on either of the flat water sprint. Into the maze, the better lines gave the best advantage, with everyone pushing hard until the finish line.
First over the line was Fraser Johnson, second Josh Bond, third Jonny G, and fourth Christian Botella.
Next up we had the beginner's race from below the cheese churn rapid. Seven eager new boaters lined up for a mass start race down to the bottom of the river. New paddler Adrian White took this event out winning himself a nice new paddle which he desperately needed. There was some great carnage amongst the beginner's race with one of the senior competitors paddling down for support having a swim in mother in law hole and getting pummelled by new boaters coming down the drop. Nice work G, you put a big smile on many people's faces.

Finally we had the loser knock out round, with around 20 plus boaters who hadn't made it to the semi finals racing from a mass start through the cheese churn to the end of the river. There was some spectacular carnage as the 20 something boaters attempted to squeeze into a shoot around 3 meters wide. There where boats backwards, upside down, and everywhere. Townsville paddler Chuck eventually took out the honours reclaiming some bragging rights.

With the day over the barbie was fired up and everyone enjoyed a great feed before getting some great prizes thanks to all of your generous sponsors. Then it was off to party the night away and go run some cool creeks the next day.

Thanks to all the people who came along to compete, some travelled very far and it was great to have you here for the event. Also thanks to all the spectators and a special thanks to all the volunteers who helped out with safety, race marshalling and all of the other jobs that made the weekend possible.
We would also like to throw a big thanks out to Billy Hyde music for the use of the PA system all weekend, it really made a difference to the atmosphere.

A massive thanks also goes out to Adventure equipment, Big Water Safety Company, Entropy Gear and Skippy films for all of the amazing prizes that you donated. Without your support and generosity this event could never have been as successful as it was.
And finally congratulations to all of the winners, enjoy your prizes.
See you all next year at the 2011 Wet Season Wake Up!

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