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Club Swift water/moving water self rescue workshop and Kayak roll improvement workshop weekend
Sat 13th / Sun 14th November 2010 - lake placid

Glen from Northern outlook has kindly offered to donated his time to run a swift water/moving water self rescue workshop this coming weekend of the 13th and 14th November, 2010.
The workshop will be split over two days and run from 2pm till 5.30pm on both the Saturday and the Sunday on the Barron River.
This is an extremely valuable training exercise for any person who plans on paddling any form of white water, no matter what your experience level is. With the wet season approaching, we all need to refresh our river rescue skills, even if you have done a swift water course in the past, it is highly recommended you come along as you can never be too safe, and don't forget practice makes perfect.
This workshop could save your mates life and will provide you with invaluable knowledge that every paddler should have.
We will also be running a rolling class on the saturday, and basics of river running class on the sunday, both sessions will started at 11am - till 1pm. If you cannot roll, or have just learnt, come along, there will be a number of highly skilled paddlers there to instruct and assist you in perfecting your technique. If you can roll, come along and make your roll bomb proof, and if it is bombproof then help other up and coming paddlers perfect theirs. The basics of river running class will be of use to any paddler to improve their skill in reading white water, picking lines, and catching eddies.
Just a reminder, if you want to enter in the wet season wake up, it is a requirement of Qld Canoeing that you must be able to roll (insurance reasons) to be able to compete in any event, this is your opportunity to perfect this skill if you can't already.
We will also be having a bbq (including soft drink) on the Sunday evening at lake placid to top of what should be a great fun weekend.
Prices are as follow
Non members
$20 for the weekend to do both the roll class and the swift water/moving water self rescue workshop - including bbq. (Contact us if you require a boat and equipment, and we will see what we can do)
$15 for roll class only (Again Contact us if you require boat and equipment, and we will see what we can do)
$15 for swift water/moving water self rescue workshop only and bbq on the Sunday.
All classes are free.
$5 each for the bbq
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me either via the website, email or give me a call on 0421077621

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