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Easter Week End Walsh River Canoe Trip
Day 1-12km's
Our day started at 6.00 am Friday as we drove to Dimbulah which is 45km west of Mareeba.
The car shuttle was always going to be a bit of a logistical nightmare. We had eight people and four 5 meter Canadian canoes to cart. The take out was 15km down a 4wd track to the river from Chillagoe. This meant getting the trailer to the take out along with two 4wd's or Glens Mercedes bus. It was also a 4wd after all! So, 1st off, we met at Dimbulah, then drove all the gear 15km's down stream to a property where we could put in and leave the other vehicles safely for four days also avoiding a serious portage around a large weir.

We were at the put in at 8.30 and five of us stayed at the put in while Glen, Sam and DJ drove to leave the Bus at the take out. We figured we had a few hours to kill as the 260km round trip there and back had a bit of dirt tracks involving some slow going. After four odd hours we figured something may be holding them up. With no phone coverage, we just had to sit and wait and wait. When they finally returned, the hold up was a double puncture on the 2wd trailer along the rocky stretch of dirt from Chillagoe to the take out.
Luckily, a passing family of campers stopped. DJ left them $100 cash and asked if they could go back to Chillagoe on Saturday and get it fixed as Good Friday in Chillagoe is not the best time to get mechanical repairs done.

So as we finally floated off, it was now 2.30pm and we finally starting our 70km paddle. Glen noted that if the campers didn't get our trailer tyre fixed, and in 4 days time when we got out, not only would DJ be $100 worse off, but we would have to carry every thing 1.5km's from the river to the trailer, leave it all there, drive 206km's back to Cairns on Monday, get it fixed on Tuesday, then drive 206km's back and retrieve it. We sort of blanked that possibility out of our heads as not to ruin what was going to be a fantastic paddle.

We paddled about 12km's before finding a suitable spot to make camp. The river was smaller than we had expected and had a lot of tree sieves to look out for. As the river is pretty much dry for 8 months of the year, the trees have taken over the river bed making some interesting paddling in what would normally be pretty much flat water paddling. Josh was begging us to let him come and enjoy 70km's of flat water!!!

Day 2

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