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Cairns Kayaking
A big thanks to everyone who was able to show up last Sunday and provide their support in getting this club formed. The afternoon was a success even though we had no idea what we were doing.
As it stands we have come up with a club name being "CAIRNS KAYAK and CANOE" club.
The board has been voted in President - Josh bond, Treasurer - Andrew Coluill, Sectary - Deb Hamilton.
We will however be looking for a person to take over the role of treasurer as Andrew has kindly put his hand up, but is unable to continue with these duties after a few months due to other commitments, so if you would like to help please let us know.
Members ship was voted in as being $135 for a full competitive membership, $120 for a full recreational membership, (you can still compete with this, you just don't receive discounts to sanctioned events), and for a short term 3 month membership which can only be applied for once every financial year is $95. All memberships include Canoeing Qld memberships (the club membership is only $35, the remaining fees go to Canoeing QLD) Unfortunately it is also written into the legislation for the club as set down by Canoeing QLD that once a person becomes a member of the club they shall become a member of their state body being Canoeing QLD, meaning if you sign up to the club, you also have to sign up to Canoeing QLD, sorry guys.
The club has some short term goals to run numerous events and social days in both Canoe polo and white water freestyle and down river disciplines. We hope to have the first one running very soon.
Currently we are looking for a club logo so if you have any ideas send them in.
I have attached a copy of the club minutes to the cairns kayak website which will now become the clubs official website, so if you would like to see the full details of the meeting check it out and keep an eye on the site for updates.
We are looking at holding a meeting hopefully in a week or so, on the weekend of 4-5/10/2010, however that is yet to be confirmed. At this meeting we will be taking membership forms and payments, and compiling all the necessary paperwork to send off to canoeing qld and dept of fair trading. We will also decide on which days will be nominated as club days, and club social events over the next 3 months, along with other matters that need discussing.
I will keep everyone posted on when this will occur and hope to see as many people as possible there.
Membership forms are available from myself, or they can be accessed of the Canoe QLD website, I am also attempting to create a link from the Cairns kayak website so these forms can be accessed and printed of. We will be taking membership forms and payments from the next meeting onwards (not before as we need to set up a bank account first)
Till then

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