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Two say "I do"

In the space of a week, 2 local paddlers got them selves married. Not to each other though.

1st Was Josh marrying his beautiful Amy on Tuesday afternoon on Magnetic Island off Townsville. A casual but very nice and very speacial beach wedding at Horseshoe Bay in front of an amazing sunset, then a quick trip over the island for the moon rise at Nelly Bay followed by dinner and drinks at Man Friday restaurant. Josh and Amy were surrounded by relatives, friends and some other people who didn't think she would go through with it. A truely beautifull place for a wedding and a spot of hiking for those who were up early enough in the morning. A BBQ lunch filled us up before the drive back to Cairns. Getting a ferry off the island in time to catch a plane was proving difficult for our two most casual paddlers Mick Low and Domstar. The pair of them in their usual manner got to the 9.25 ferry in time to see it dropping the ropes and pulling out from the warf. Dom could have sworn it was supposed to leave at 9.35. So, another hour till the next ferry meant Mick would need a hasty trip to the airport to make his flight back to Brisbane. We could only imagine what Dom would be doing in the final hours before his wedding in a few days.

Next to drop was The Domstar, who finally decided that his beautifull partner Akiko was far too good a person not to be married to. Knowing that Dom's car would not be up to standard for a wedding, I offered Dom and Akiko my 1927 Morris to get Akiko to the ceremony on time. I can only imagine Akiko's visions of the car when Dom told her that it was 60 years older than his Subaru. At yet another beach wedding [what is it with you kayakers and beaches? Couldn't you find a river or a creek?] Dom and Akiko formally proclaimed their love for each other and after Jack their dog carried in the ring, the two were wed and the party began. Kewarra Beach Resort turned on a special evening with a great dinner and dancing well into the night. Lunch on Sunday morning must have gone long as Dom missed his "honeymoon paddle" with the boys. There was 17 paddlers on the river as a show of respect for our lovable Domstar. We understand that with marriage comes responsibility, so Akiko, it will have to be your responsibility to make sure his car is in a running condition so he can get to the river on time from now on.

Congratulations to both couples and may you have many happy nights ahead of you. [after the boys get home from the river]
The moment of truth The happy couple with the paddlers Josh and bro Zack

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