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Instructional DVD's
Thanks to Jezz at Entropy Gear and Jackson Kayaks Australia, we now have a few instructional DVDs available for local members to borrow.
Titles from the 4 time and reigning World Freestyle Champion, Eric Jackson such as:

  • River Running Basics
  • River Running Advanced
  • Rolling and Bracing
  • Play Boating Basics
  • We also now have some DVD's specificlly produced for women paddlers starting out and beyond.

    These are all exceptioal learning tools that will make starting out a lot easier.

    If you have a friend starting, or need to brush up on some basics yourself, they will be available on request.

    For more advanced instructional content or kayaking entertainment DVDs, click on the JACKSON or Entropy Gear link to purchase DVDs form Jezz and support him for helping us out.
    EJ's Playboating Basics is a fantastic starter to get you cartwhelling, surfing, spinning and more. A great sound track and some fantastic scenery from the Zambezi and the White Nile Rivers
    EJ's River Running Basics DVD will get you started running rivers, from choosing a kayak to suit your size and needs to understanding river features.
    EJ's River Running Advanced will take you from where Basics left off and have you running rapids with more confidence.
    EJ's Rolling and Bracing DVD is one of the best instructional DVD a beginner can watch. This DVD explains the concepts of the roll, the mechanics involved and the steps to making your roll strong and reliable.
    Girls at Play is aimed at taking kayaking to the next level for women.
    This is not just a chic flick! You guys out there who are starting out can learn a lot from this DVD as the presenters explain things in very basic terms really make sence of what the basics are all about.
    Under the Horizonline is an Australian made kayak DVD filmed on locations all over the world. This DVD is not for loan, but by clicking the cover above, the link will take you to Entropy Gear and you can purchase one of your own.
    The Lost World is full of action packed Big Drops and waterfalls galore. Adventure Equipment Have a series of these DVD's for hire as well as for sale. Click on the DVD cover above for contact details.
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