Cairns Kayaking
Cairns Kayaking
Cairns Kayaking
This is the upper falls on Behanna.
The falls in the background [not the very top ones] have been run by Struan and Rosco. The shute in the fore ground was run this year by Josh, Mick and Jez.
Here Josh demonstrates how to get the left line and hold it!
Migk Low on his approach. Mick was too far river right and was flipped in the hole directly below. He was unable to right the kayak and went down the main drop USD. There was a rock we new about in the hole at the bottom, but as Mick discovered, also a tree. He is a very lucky boy! Ballsie effort boys!!!
Micks injuries after mixing it with the submerged tree included 25 stitches in his elbow, neck and chest.

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