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Cairns Kayaking
Cairns Kayaking
Easter Week End Walsh River Canoe Trip
Day 2-28km's
As our second day began a lot better than the 1st, spirits were high and joking around was a way of passing the time.
Our group consisted of;
Ø DJ and Struan Lamont [the race boys]
Ø Chris White and Bart [the fully sponsored fishermen]
Ø Glen and Sam Mollenhauer [the father and son team]
Ø Jeanette and Myself [the arguing unmarried couple]

Now the boys in the trawler seemed to be more interested in catching every fish in the Walsh than making camp each day. DJ and Stru are 2 of the best kayakers I know, but had more swims in their canoe than any of us. Glen and Sam went about their business paddling perfectly [most of the time] while J and I just hit every rock, tree and other canoe that got in our way. Even some rocks that weren't in our way we seemed to hit as well. But we never swam!!! I don't know how, but we didn't!!!

The river features were a little different from day 1 with a few more rapids but more of the same tree sieves and multi braided sections that you had o choose carefully before entering. A bad choice could mean a portage to get back into better water. The surrounding hills were interesting with some looking like they were completely made up of millions of separate boulders.

Along the way we saw a lot of croc slides in the sand banks, but none were too big and they were only fresh water crocs, so nothing to worry about. The boys in the trawler reported seeing one croc about 8 foot long but no photo's to back it up. DJ and Stru got close enough to a 5 footer to get some photos and the reality that we were not alone on the river was real. At camp tonight we would catch glimpses of eyes watching us from the other side of the river before we settled into bed.

Day 3

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